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Knitting Sweaters for Afghan Babies and Children!

Special Knitting Forces is an organization dedicated to bringing comfort to civilians during wartime, especially to the babies and children. Our goal now is to knit a million sweaters that will bring both a sense of warmth and caring to the littlest of innocent victims. We hope to donate these sweaters to the children of Afghanistan.  We could also use the help of airlines that fly to Central Asia to help us with shipping costs. Any ideas you have are greatly appreciated! All you have to do for your part is to use any left-over yarn you have and knit the pattern provided.

It has been specially designed for knitters of all levels. Beginning knitters can follow it exactly while more advanced knitters can incorporate their own embellishments. The patterns and yarn weights provided are just a suggestion and you may knit what you wish.  Hats, mittens and blankets for children are also acceptable. Special Knitting Forces would appreciate your knitted garment as quickly as possible.  We plan to ship these items throughout the duration of this War on Terrorism.  Because we are a non-profit organization, with no financial backing, we need your tax-deductible contribution to meet our goals and help us grow.  Please send a check or money order made out to “RYSEC – Special Knitting Forces” to the address below. Donations of $10, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford, would be greatly appreciated.  Please be aware of the following:

  • Crocheted items are fine.
  • All items should be shipped to the Ethical Society.
  • Other patterns can be found on our “links” or by using the Internet.
  • There are no pressing deadlines.

The Riverdale Yonkers Society For Ethical Culture (RYSEC) greatly appreciates the work done by the Northern Westchester Society for Ethical Culture in setting up the Special Knitting Forces to aid the children of war torn countries.  Although, this web site indicated recently that the operation would not continue after May 1, 2002, we at RYSEC have made an attempt to continue.

Therefore, any donations by personal check should be made out to Riverdale Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture with Special Knitting Forces clearly indicated on the check.  All donations of clothing may be sent to RYSEC.  You may use patterns from this site, from our “links,” by using the Internet or what you wish. We thank everybody for their hard work and generosity.

Special Knitting Forces
Riverdale Yonkers Ethical Culture Society (rysec)
4450 Fieldston Road Bronx, NY 10471
Telephone (718) 548-4445

For information or questions, E-mail Us: info@specialknittingforces.org