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Donation Update

       Dear Contributors, I would like to thank everyone for contributing to the Special Knitting Forces. Unfortunately, I have lost my volunteer who was sending the individual responses to all of the donors. Therefore, no acknowledgment letters have gone out in the past two months. I assume that is part of the reason why the contributions have dwindled. As far as we know, there is still a need to help. We would like to keep the project alive and will explore ways to advertise. Please continue to send your contributions to us so that we can help the needy people of Afghanistan.

Sincerely, Special Knitting Forces

Helping Others One Stitch At A Time!!!

       Our efforts have finally come to fruition. The Special Knitting Forces donations are being distributed by members of De Solay Daywa. Pictures of the distribution can be seen at the following web site www.haywardsunsetrotary.org/prod02.htm.  We will continue to collect and ship to Afghanistan through the Hayward Sunset Rotary and De Solay Daywa. We will try to get a tabulation of the total amount shipped to determine if we have reached a goal of a million sweaters. Regardless, we will continue to send clothing because there is a need.
       We are also in the process of attempting to respond to and acknowledge all of the donors. Please be patient if you have not received an acknowledgment. We will try to get to them all. For now, let us continue the great work by knitting and sending you contributions to us.